Planet type: Asteroid

Dice's very own Thunderdome. Outernauts from all over have started to show up to this 'fight club' to prove their worth.

Travel Cost

25 fuel.

Arena Tournaments

Backyard Beast Cleanup: (12 energy)

500 Lunar, Small Heal, Velar Grapes

Gladiator Slap Fight: (6 energy)

200 Lunar, Sol Berry, Velar Grapes

Flame Wars!: (9 energy)

400 Lunar, Sol Berry, Velar Grapes+

Haven't I seen you before? (10 energy)

400 Lunar, Ulm bulb, Velar Grapes

Extra Curriculum: (20 energy)

800 Lunar, Jungafruit, Velar Grapes+

Fame Game: (15 energy)

10k Lunar, Pyrite, Stalactite, Revive All



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