Type Common iconFlying icon
Catch Difficulty Very Hard**
Rarity Uncommon
Egg Types None
Breeding Time N/A


A life lived in darkness has left Sonarkane pretty confused - and a tad mean. As such, he is a master of inflicting status effects with his high cosmic attack. He's not even worried about his low attack and defense. He'll just laugh as you aimlessly throw punches in the dark.


Sonak Sonark Sonarkane
Sonak Level 14 Sonark Level 28 Sonarkane


Base Stats

Attack 168
Defense 159
Cosmic Attack 198
Cosmic Defense 192
Speed 210

Type Effectiveness

Common icon Primal icon Flora icon Terra icon Tech icon
Snow icon Venom icon Phantom icon Lightning icon


Level Name Type Category Power Accuracy Stamina Effect % Strong vs. Weak vs.
30 Meteor Dive Flying icon Cosmic icon 350 → ? 100% 3 50% → ? Flora iconPrimal iconFlame icon Lightning iconTech iconTerra icon
User flies up and dives straight down on top the target, causing heavy damage. User takes 50% → ? recoil damage.
33 Aerial Stunt Flying icon Status icon 90% → ? 10 Cos. Att. ↑:70% → ?
Speed ↑:70% → ?
User does a nifty flying stunt that wows even the most jaded cynic. User's cosmic attack and speed are raised 70% → ? if it succeeds.
35 Black Magic Phantom icon Status icon 100% 7 55% → ?
Invokes a ghastly ancient form of self-sacrifice. All user's stats are raised 55% → ? at the cost of 25% → ? of its maximum health.
40 Bad Day Common icon Status icon 40% → ? 13
Afflicts the target with confusion, sleep and share.
45 Touch Of Evil Phantom icon Cosmic icon 330 → ? 90% → ?% 10 25% → ? Flying iconPhantom icon Tech iconSnow iconPrimal icon
Touches target with the vile necrotic finger of a too-long neglected hamster. 25% → ? chance of inflicting doom.

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