It will be unlocked after you completed Sector 2 and upgraded your Starship twice.



  • Description: The Lunakin homeworld. This planet has a wealth of history, which is evident from the Ancient ruins that dot the village.
  • Planet Type: Ancient Ruins
  • Travel cost: 150 Fuel

Frostburn Mine

  • Description: This frozen world holds enterances to an Ancient mine. Sludge Co has since moved in and is conducting shady experiments here...
  • Planet Type: Ice
  • Travel cost: 100 Fuel

Howling Grotto

  • Description: A creepy cave system eerily devoied of Phantom-type beasts... How non-stereotypical!
  • Planet Type: Cave
  • Travel cost: 75 Fuel

Booty Hideaway

Bones McCready's Moon Base

  • Description: Bones has been launching pirate missions - or 'bounty calls', as he names them - on local planets like Lunafloria from this moon base here.
  • Planet Type: Cave
  • Travel cost: 45 Fuel
  • Boss location

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