The first sector you will visit during your journey. It will be unlocked from the start.


Forgotten Valley

  • Description: A planet by the Ancient a millenium ago, their carved obelisks and glowbug-powered gates still litter the valey.
  • Planet Type: Ancient Runes
  • Travel cost: 50 Fuel

Burning Tundra

  • Description: This small hunk of space rock wards away most visitors due to it's frozen surface and volatile lava core. Someone has found a good use for the solitude, though...
  • Planet Type: Ice, Lava
  • Travel cost: 20 Fuel
  • The Major Stache's Boot Camp dungeon is here.

The Dice-stroid

  • Description: Dice's very own Thunderdome. Outernauts from all over have started to show up to this 'fight club' to prove their worth.
  • Planet Type: Astroid
  • Travel cost: 25 Fuel
  • Has an Arena

Razorweed Moon

  • Description: Razorweed Moon may not win any beauty contest but this satellite is home to some very rare and exclusive beasts. That in itself makes it worth a visit.
  • Planet Type: Grassy Volcano
  • Travel cost: 30 Fuel

The Construct

  • Description: A recently-discovered planet, with a twist: Likely devoleped by the Ancients, this cyvernetic platform constantly changes its very form to accommodate Ancient-designed challenges, holidays, and games.
  • Planet Type: Ancient
  • Travel cost: 25 Fuel

Round Roger's Deserted Isle

  • Description: Round Roger's got a small - we're talking miniscule - patch of land he uses to rule this sector with an iron fist. Wonder if he gets lonely...
  • Planet Type: Desert
  • Travel cost: 15 Fuel
  • Boss location