Type Venom icon
Catch Difficulty Average
Rarity Common
Egg Types Normal Egg Sentauri Egg Feral Egg
Breeding Time 2 hours


Scorling Scorpeto Scorceptor
Scorling Level 12 Scorpeto Level 32 Scorceptor


Scorling is a scrappy and quick attacker. Its high offensive power and disabling Venom-type attacks combine to make it a fearsome foe.


Scorling Gamecard

Scorling's Gamecard

Scorlings are born beneath a thick layer of sand in the Sunburnicus Desert. In order to reach the surface, it must find the strength to dig its way to the top. This is done because Scorlings are born naturally frail. Putting them in a position where they have to immediately develop their muscle structure due to the heightened resistance brings them up to speed. Trial by fire. Very, very sand-like fire.

Scorlings do not have the innate ability to produce venom. The chemical composition of it is inside their bodies, but it is not yet mixed. To create the venom – Scorpetos assign each Scorling a sparring partner. Then, for sun up to sun down, the two must battle – no breaks, no talking, no high-fives. This forms venom in both the Scorlings – literally and figuratively. Being constantly thrown around and punched mixes the chemicals; thus producing venom. Also, the two end up just hating each other’s guts.

That animosity does not last long, thankfully. At the end of their training – Scorlings have a “Hug it Out” ceremony with their sparring partner. However, because of their arachnid body structure – the hugs usually end up just being an awkward pat on the back. During a ceremony, legend tells that one Scorling said he guesses “we are setting the Scor straight.” He was immediately banished for such poor pun usage.


Base Stats

Attack 165
Defense 120
Cosmic Attack 102
Cosmic Defense 114
Speed 180

Type Effectiveness

Primal icon Venom icon
Flux icon Lightning icon Tech icon


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