Type Common icon
Catch Difficulty Very Hard
Rarity Uncommon
Egg Types Normal Egg Sentauri Egg Feral Egg
Breeding Time 2 hours


Rhinopus Rhinoplatyx Saberpus
Rhinopus Level 18 Rhinoplatyx Level 27 Saberpus


A strange common type beast who is rumored to evolve into a different type at a higher level. While it is a good attacker, it's greatest strength is in the ways it can help allies.

In its second stage it becomes a primal creature, although its main attacks remain water-based throughout its evolutions. It has high health and defenses, but its attacks are pretty low compared to alternatives.

Like the base desciption says, Rhinopus (and its evolutions) has a swiss-army knife of party buffs (increased critital strike and speed) and enemy debuffs (reduced accuracy, sleep), and the longer it stays alive in a party, the more effective it is.


Base Stats

Attack 144
Defense 168
Cosmic Attack 162
Cosmic Defense 171
Speed 147

Type Effectiveness



Tail strike

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