Type Aquatic icon Phantom icon
Catch Difficulty Very Hard
Rarity Legendary


Pandorus is a cosmic force. While her origin is shrouded in mystery, her power is known and felt around the galaxy. High health and defense more than make up for her lumbering speed. She can also telepathically communicate with people. Weird.


Pandora Pandorus Pandoreign
Pandora Level 17 Pandorus Level 34 Pandoreign

Base Stats

Attack 240
Defense 255
Cosmic Attack 291
Cosmic Defense 312
Speed 186

Type Effectiveness

Common icon Primal icon Flame icon Aquatic icon Terra icon Snow icon Tech icon
Flora icon Flux icon Phantom icon



Level Name Type Category Power Accuracy Stamina Effect % Strong vs. Weak vs.
31 Shark Bite Aquatic icon Physical icon 350 → ? 85% → ? 7 250% → ? Flame iconTerra iconTech icon Aquatic iconFlora icon
A toothy demon from the deep leaps up and chomps the target. 250% increased critical hit chance. Accuracy and evasion stats are ignored.
33 Cosmic Mirror Flux icon Status icon 70% → ? 10
User goes first and reflects any cosmic attack back at the attacker for 150% → ? damage. The user defense is lowered 50% → ?.

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