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Outernauts was a game on Facebook and Kongregate in which you capture beasts to train and control as your fighting pets. There are 60+ beasts to collect as well as upgrading gems, metals, and crystals for each. You can sell beasts for Lunar (the normal currency in Outernauts), & for crystals to upgrade other beasts with. The more you use your beasts, the stronger they get! As you explore the galaxy planet by planet and complete quests, you will unlock more features as well as more rare beasts! You can explore all of the planets for free, or pay your way through the game faster by buying Star Gems.It has been removed from Facebook and Kongregate and is currently under work for ios. It has been released in Canada's App Store.In the ios version of Outernauts, you cannot find wild beasts, instead you get new beasts by breeding.


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Outernauts - The PVP Role Playing Game on Social Nets.

Outernauts is a Social game designed and developed by Insomniac Games, makers of the well known Ratchet and Clank franchise, as well as the original Spyro and Resistance series. The goal of the game is for you, an 'Outernaut', to capture and train the wild beasts scattered around the Galaxies while progressing through quests to rescue each planet you come across on your intergalactic journey.

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Chimzee is a playful and fun loving Snow type. Its physical Attack and Defense are surprisingly high despite its small stature, making him a good all around fighter. Favority Ability: Slushball Read more...

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