Here is where you'll find some little historical secrets about the game, including original beast names and designs.


Watt was called Wattle.

Pumaflar and Pumasear had their names reversed.

Jiroo was called Jiphee.

Jirumph was called Jirule.

Dekawatt was called Hivolt.

Tortusk was called Electroteel.

Patchoo originally had blue spikes, claws, teeth and eyes.

. Bluepatchoo2

From what can be seen here, subsequent evolution/s of Patchoo are likely to have had blue highlights aswell.


It appears Pumasear was originally the first evolution of the Pumaflar>Pumarsear>Pumferno trio.



Its possible there were other items that could be crafted at the armoury including hand grenades? and some kind of radio thing?


What appears to be the old battle victory screen.


Along with flame, confusion and poison statuses there appears to have been some kind of tree/plant status.


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