Type Flame icon Terra icon
Catch Difficulty Hard*
Rarity Common
Egg Types Normal Egg Sentauri Egg Fiery Egg Stony Egg
Breeding Time 2 hours


Molto Moltovo Sulvo
Molto Level 15 Moltovo Level 37 Sulvo


Molto is a feisty and temperamental fire beast. It's quick to attack and tends to hold a grudge if angered. It loves mud, fiery pits, and roasting marshmallows on his tusks.


Molto is only found by hatching Normal, Sentauri, or Fiery eggs. Molto can also found in Construct Sector 1.

Base Stats

Attack 138
Defense 132
Cosmic Attack 105
Cosmic Defense 111
Speed 114

Type Effectiveness

Flame icon Snow icon Venom icon Lightning icon
Primal icon Aquatic icon Terra icon


Level Name Stamina Type Description Strong vs. Weak vs. Power Accuracy
0 Startle 1 Common Lowers defense of all opponents in battle by 25%. 0 100%
0 Bite 2 Common A ferocious gnashing of incisors and bicuspids. 10% chance of stunning opponent. Phantom, Flying, Flux 150 100%

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