What is the Journal

This page is the go-to page for links to the lists of Beasts, Attacks, Characters, Sectors, Quests, Eggs, Items, Strategy, and more.


Galaxy ;)


Character page's will be added next weekend. All pages UNDER CONSTRUCTION right now - Aryx7

Outernauts Allies Space Pirates Sludge Co
Major Stache Fiora Round Roger Axl Sludge
Dice (former) Sam Bones McCready Treacherous Three
Electra The Stranger Lex and Gorm
Galaxy Inhabitants Space Pirates Sludge Co. Minions




  • Sector 1: Quests
  • Sector 2: Quests
  • Sector 3: Quests
  • Sector 4: Quests
  • Sector 5: Quests
  • Sector 6: Quests

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