Type Lightning icon
Catch Difficulty Hard
Rarity Uncommon
Egg Types Normal Egg Sentauri Egg Fiery Egg
Breeding Time 2 hours


Jiroo is a gentle-natured lightning type who is especially fond of using cosmic abilities. Jiroos dislike water and thus are often found in dry climates where they can peacefully graze on the razor-thistles and (missing text in-game).They can be found in Razorweed Moon.


Only found on Razorweed Moon. After you complete "The Elusive Jiroo" quest, there's an endless supply of them near a cave at the Core.


Jiroo Jirumph Jirooph
Jiroo Level 15 Jirumph Level 34 Jirooph

Base Stats

Attack 123
Defense 141
Cosmic Attack 153
Cosmic Defense 132
Speed 129

Type Effectiveness

Lightning icon Flying icon
Snow icon


Level Name Stamina Type Description Strong vs?

Weak vs?

Power Accuracy
Cosmic Focus 1 Cosmic Raises the user's cosmic attack by 50% and guarantees the next attack will hit.
Evil Eye 1 Common Lower attack of all enemies in battle by 25%.
Zap 2 Lightning User goes first and hits target with a bolt of electricity. 11% chance of stunning the target. Aquatic, Flying, Tech, Venom Flora, Terra, Phantom, LIghtning 149 100%
Flare 3 Cosmic User blasts the target with a bright cosmic flare. 50% chance to lower opponent's critical hits by 50%. Tech, Venom, Phantom Cosmic, Primal 174 90%
Stomp 3 Common Stomps the ground, causing some todamage non-flying enemies. Raises user's attack and cosmic attack by 25%. Phantom, Flying, Cosmic 150 100%
Mime 4 Cosmic Changes this ability to the last used ability of the target for the duration of battle. 100%
Wriggle 4 Common Removes snare status. 80%
Vengeance 4 Primal Strikes an opponent back for 25% the amount of damage the user has suffered this battle. Tech, Terra Flying, Phantom, Cosmic, Venom 0 90%

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