Ice Rotwing
Ice Rotwing
Type Snow iconFlying icon
Catch Difficulty Very Hard
Rarity Elite


Ice Pugwing Ice Rotwing Ice Pitwing
Ice Pugwing Level 15 Ice Rotwing Level 30 Ice Pitwing


Ice Rotwing is a swift and devious snow type beast. its defense and attacks are below average but hes got a good arenal of status infilcting and self buffing tricks that can disrupt the enemies routine.

Base Stats

Attack 189
Defense 189
Cosmic Attack 222
Cosmic Defense 207
Speed 207


Common iconYoga(Lv17)

Flying iconFlying Fury(Lv19)

Rubber Wall(Lv21)

Common iconWriggle(Lv24

Common iconEvil Eye(Lv25)

Common iconBum Rush(Lv28)

Type Effectiveness

Common icon Primal icon Flora icon Tech icon
Flame icon Venom icon Lightning icon


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