Main Chain

Hidden Booty

Part I. Your Mine Is Mine

  • Track down and fight Round Roger in Frostburn Mine.


Part II. Arms Race

  • Head back to your homeworld.
  • Build 2 training buildings
  • Expand your homeworld twice
  • Train 2 pets up a level.


Part III. Crafting A Plan

  • Go to Burning Tundra
  • Get the Rubber Alloy Salve recipe from Major Stache
  • Craft a Rubber Alloy Salve for resistance to LIghtning damage.


Part IV. Friend or Foe?

  • Go to the Howling Grotto and complete the Double Agent quest.
  • Beat Major Stache on Burning Tundra to prove you're ready for a dungeon.


  • 60 XP
  • 380 Lunar
  • 1 Water Resistance Salve
  • 1 Star Coordinate


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