Main Chain

Fire in the Sky

Part I. Fire Fighter

  • Capture a Jellocto beast on Rogue's Peak.
  • Do 100 Aquatic Damage to Flame Beasts.
  • Defeat 1 Molto (or any evolved forms) around the Watchtower.
  • Defeat 4 Volco (or any evolved forms) around the Watchtower.


Part II. Search For Water

  • Open the gate before the Mechanis Tunnel with Sam's key.
  • Explore the Mechanis Tunnel.
  • Find the Oasis on the other side of the Tunnel.


Part III. Fix the Oasis

  • Defeat the Sludge Co Minion.
  • Get the Winch.
  • Fix the Oasis with the Winch.


Part IV. Fire Extinguisher

  • (Get 5 Water from the Oasis),
  • (Put out 5 Fire).


Part V. Revenge

  • Go to Molten Fields.
  • Defeat the small Twin, Lex.
  • Defeat the big Twin, Gorm.



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