Type Tech icon Primal icon
Catch Difficulty Very Hard*
Rarity Rare
Egg Types Normal Egg Sentauri Egg Ciriux Egg Procyar Egg Stony Egg
Breeding Time 4 hours


Cyroo Cyror Cypow
Cyroo Level 17 Cyror Level 31 Cypow


Cyroo, also know as the 6 million dollar Luproo, is strong on Primal and Tech type abilities. He focuses on physical abilities which is deadly paired with his high physical attack and damage. The flip side of the coin is his low cosmic attack and damage.


Cyroo is found by hatching Ciriux or Procyar eggs. Can also be found in metallic harvestable things like ancient junk piles, ancient coil or ancient conductors.

Base Stats

Attack 195
Defense 190
Cosmic Attack 135
Cosmic Defense 139
Speed 171

Type Effectiveness

Snow icon Flora icon Phantom icon
Primal icon Flame icon Aquatic icon Lightning icon Tech icon


Level Name Type Category Power Accuracy Stamina Effect % Strong vs. Weak vs.
1 Metal Bite Tech icon Physical icon 150 → 170 100% 2 5% → 15% Tech iconVenom icon Flux iconFlying iconPhantom icon
The jaws from this metal beast sink into your enemy in hopes of inflicting tetanus. Has a 5% → 15% chance of stunning and poisoning the opponent.
1 Rally Common icon Status icon 100% 1 35%
Raises Attack of all allies in battle by 35%.

4 Saw Arm 35px 35px
5 Feral Roar 35px 35px
7 Tail Strike 35px 35px
9 Razor Claw 35px 35px
11 Iron Flurry 35px 35px
14 Gnash 35px 35px
15 Calibrate 35px 35px

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