Type Snow icon
Catch Difficulty Very Hard*
Rarity Rare
XP at Max Level ?
Egg Types None
Breeding Time N/A


Chimzee Chumzo Abomzo
Chimzee Level 11 Chumzo Level 25 Abomzo


Chumzo is a playful and fun loving Snow type. Its physical Attack and Defense are surprisingly high despite its small stature, making him a good all around fighter.


Chimzees originate in cold, mountainous environments. As time has passed, it is said that Chimzees have developed longer and longer arms in order to scale the rocky mountain sides with ease. In the current day, they can be seen climbing at a rate of 12,000 Zigazats per Monophlone – that’s faster than a Tridorn can swim!

Born in packs, Chimzees are naturally playful and amiable creatures. They are rarely seen fighting or being aggressive. However, they are extremely protective of what is known as their “Snowsheen.” This is the first snowball that a young Chimzee creates. He keeps it with him at all times and slowly adds onto it over time. Think of it as Teddy Bear – a round, cold, wet Teddy Bear. In space!

Perhaps the most important characteristic to know about Chimzees is that they do not play basketball despite their astounding wingspan. In fact, they don’t even know what basketball is. So, they’ve kindly requested that people stop asking them about it.


Evolves from Chimzee

Base Stats

Attack 174
Defense 201
Cosmic Attack 159
Cosmic Defense 144
Speed 165

Type Effectiveness

Snow icon Phantom icon
Flame icon Terra icon


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