Catching Beasts

You can catch beasts with a different percentage of success based on how much HP the beast has left. When it has about 1/4 of its HP left, it will normally have a success rate of 100%.

You can veiw "Catch Difficulty" by bringing up the "Beasts" menu, clicking on the "journal" tab at the top right, and then clicking on a beast from the beast journal.

Beast Feeder

There is a limit to how many beasts you can catch.  This limit is 4 without any Beast Feeders.  Your limit increases by 3 for every Beast Feeder you build in your Homeworld.

You can build an extra 4 Beast Feeders for every expansion of your homeworld.


Alliances have a maximum of 50 members.  Their creation costs 25000 Lunar.  A name and description can be given.  They participate in Alliance Challenges and the Alliance Showdown.

Alliance Showdown

Alliance showdowns are monthly events, in which the alliances participate against each other by their place on the leaderboard.  This is determined by the total aggregated Battle Trophies of the members of the alliance. The top 3 alliances gain Star Gems as a reward, and the top 10% of the alliances gain the reward evenly distributed among each other.

Alliance Challenges

During Alliance challenges, two alliances that have started an alliance challenge are chosen to participate against each other.  A challenge takes a complete total of 4 hours. They can be started with a 24 hour cooldown.  Players are matched up against 4 players at a time based on their Battle Trophies, and for defeating the chosen opponent out of this 4, they contribute XP to the Alliance.

Contributed XP accumulates to provide level-ups for the alliance, which allows for item unlocks in the Alliance Store.

Alliance Store

The Alliance Store items are listed below.

Item Alliance Total Contribution
Alliance Flag 0 1000
Lunar Generator 90000 3500
Alliance Surplus Building 360000 6000
Discount Fuel Generator 810000 8500
Melon Concentrate 1440000 10000
The Dark Hole 2250000 12000
Mineral Chunks 3240000 15000
Crown 4410000 17500
Ancient Orb 5760000 20000
Bowbomb 7290000 24000

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