Sector 5: Turning Tide

1. Prime The Pump

  • Turn in 3 Jellyfish
  • Turn in 4 Coral
  • Turn in 2 Conch Shells

2. Come Through In The Clutch

  • Defeat Khashoggi's partner, Lockheed (Inside Cavern on Dead Man's Gorge)
  • Defeat Pirate Khashoggi to take possession of his arms cache (Inside Cavern on Dead Man's Gorge)

3. Present Arms

  • Go to Burning Tundra
  • Deliver the cache to Stache

4. Fortifications

  • Own 3 homeworld expansions
  • Have 4 training buildings
  • Have at least 20,000 in total Beast Value

5. Phantom Force

6. Zombification

  • Inflict the Zombie status effect on a beast

7. Punking Pirates

  • Defeat Pickled Pete on Burning Tundra
  • Defeat Round Roger on Burning Tundra
  • Defeat Slim on Burning Tundra

8. The Life Aquatic

  • Defeat Iron Jaw on Aqualos
  • Defeat Burly Pete on Aqualos

9. Booty Beat Down

  • (Go to Dead Man's Gorge)
  • Search the caves and defeat Pickled Pete
  • Search the caves and beat Round Roger
  • Search the caves and rout Bones McCready

Rewards Co-ordinate?


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