Type Primal icon
Catch Difficulty Very Hard*
Rarity Rare
Egg Types None
Breeding Time N/A


Bisoo Bizaur Bivare
Bisoo Level 15 Bizaur Level 34 Bivare


Bivare is a fierce attacker with an especially strong cosmic attack. His strength lies in winning battles quickly with his overpowering attacks.


Bivare is evolved from Bizaur

Base Stats

Attack 198
Defense 180
Cosmic Attack 216
Cosmic Defense 189
Speed 180

Type Effectiveness

Flux icon Phantom icon
Venom icon Flying icon Terra icon


Level Name Type Category Power Accuracy Stamina Effect % Strong vs. Weak vs.
? Poison Dart Venom icon Physical icon 175 → ? 85 → ? 4 30% → ? Flora iconFlying iconPrimal icon Tech iconVenom iconTerra icon
The user shoots out a dart coated in a delicate bouquet of assorted toxins. 30% → ? chance to poison the target.
? Osmosis Flux icon Status icon 100% 6
User goes first and absorbs any cosmic attack damage, turning it into health.
? Catapult Terra icon Physical icon 230 → ? 90% → ? 5 2 x Damage vs Flying icon Flame iconSnow iconPrimal icon Flying iconTech iconPhantom icon
Hurls a heavy rock with a powerful spring-loaded whatchamadoodle. Does double damage against flying enemies.



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