Type Primal icon
Catch Difficulty Super Hard
Rarity Rare
Egg Types Normal Egg Sentauri Egg Ciriux Egg Procyar Egg Feral Egg
Breeding Time 4 hours


Bisoo Bizaur Bivare
Bisoo Level 15 Bizaur Level 34 Bivare


Bisoo is a fierce attacker with an especially strong cosmic attack. His strength lies in winning battles quickly with his overpowering attacks.


Can't be caught. You get a lvl 5 Bisoo by completing beating the Major Stache Training Dungeon on Burning Tundra in Sector 1 for the first time.

However, they can be bred from Feral Eggs, Procyar Eggs, Ciriux Eggs.

Base Stats

Attack 162
Defense 147
Cosmic Attack 177
Cosmic Defense 156
Speed 147

Type Effectiveness

Flux icon Phantom icon
Venom icon Flying icon Terra icon


Level Name Type Category Power Accuracy Stamina Effect % Strong vs. Weak vs.
? Feral Roar Primal icon Status icon 100% 3 Att. ↑:100% → ?
Cos. Att. ↓:35% → ?
Cos. Def. ↓:35% → ?
Berserk :25% → ?
User roars a terrible roar. User's attack is raised 100%, but cosmic attack and cosmic defense are lowered 35% → ?. 25% → ? chance of inflicting berserk on target.
? Cow Tip Common icon Physical icon Varies 100% 4 Phantom iconFlying iconFlux icon
Tips the target over. Damage is higher for heavier targets.

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