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Axl Sludge first battle

Axl Sludge (no better pic. right now)

Axl Sludge is the leader and CEO of Sludge Co. Very little is known about him, only his greed is known throughout the galaxy. You see him a couple of times in the story but always just miss him. You final catch up to him is in Sector 6 in what is currently the final battle of the main story line. Once the game is expanded and the story contiues, you will meet him again.


You battle Axl Sludge and two of his minions  in Sector 6

Axl Sludge

  • Round 1: scarlet scyke (lvl 60)
  • Round 2: pyrasaur (lvl 60)
  • Round 3: rok  (lvl 60)

Sludge Minion 1

Sludge Minion 2

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