This page lists all Armor sets and lose helmets in the game, with there bonus effects and how they can be optaind.

Versa Armor (starter)

Armor - Versa (beginner)

Versa Armor

This is the standerd armor you get when you start the game.

  • Head: No Helmet
  • Body: Versa Suit (none)
  • Hand: Versa Gloves (none)
  • Feet: Versa Boots (none)

  • Complete set bonus: none

Galactic Traveler Armor

This armor can partialy be won. You can win the helmet and body part, but you'll have to buy the hand an leg parts.

  • Head: Galactic Traveler Helmet (reduses fuel cost to planets by 1)
  • Body: Galactic Traveler Suit
  • Hand: Galactic Traveler Gloves
  • Feet: Galactic Traveler Boots
  • Complete set bonus:

Vortex Armor

This armor set can be won by completing tournaments. Can also be bought.

  • Head: Vortex Helmet (Decreases monster awarness by 20%)
  • Body: Vortex Suit (15% chance of preventing Confuse status effect)
  • Hand: Vortex Gloves (15% chance of preventing Charm status effect)
  • Feet: Vortex Boots (Increase move speed)

  • Complete set bonus: Cosmic Defence for all beasts inceased by 5 points

Beast-Type Armor Sets

These armors can be bought or won (part by part) in random Weekly Challenges.
Beast Typ Armor Sets

Beast-Typ Armor Sets

There are 8 types of beast armor (not all beast typs are reprisented):

  • Chlorophyll Armor (Flora)
  • Electrode Armor (Lightning)
  • Flama Bull Armor (Flame)
  • Hydra Armor (Aquatic)
  • Pestillence Armor (Venom)
  • Specter Armor (Phantom)
  • Terra Bull Armor (Terra)
  • Tundra Armor (Snow)

All armor typs have the same effects as the others only they effect a differnt type of beast:

  • Head bonus: 5 cosmic defence increase for ... type beasts
  • Body bonus: 10% less damage from ... type beasts + big damage increase against 1 other beast typ
  • Hand bonus: 10% stamina recharge for ... type beasts
  • Feet bonus: 5 battle speed increase for ... type beasts
  • Complete set bonus: 5 attack damage increase for ... type beasts

Space Pirate Armor

This armor can only be won by beating Round Roger's Stash Dungeon on Booty Hideaway in Sector 3 for the 2nd, 3th, 4th & 5th time.
Armor - Space Pirate

Space Pirate Armor

  1. Hand: Space Pirate Hook (5% player XP increase)
  2. Body: Space Pirate Suit (+10% chance of earning an additional 5 resource item from a building)
  3. Feet: Space Pirate Boots (+5% loot)
  4. Head: Space Pirate Hat (+5% rare loot)

  • Complete set bonus: +5% beast exp

Sludge Co. Armor

This armor can only be won by beating Sludge Co Refinery Dungeon on Sludge Co Quarry in Sector 6 for the 2nd, 3th, 4th & 5th time.
Armor - Sludge Co

Sludge Co. Armor

  1. Hand: Sludge Co Gloves (25% chance to prevent confuse)
  2. Body: Sludge Co Suit (25% chance to prevent charm)
  3. Feet: Sludge Co Boots (25% chance to prevent zombie)
  4. Head: Sludge Co Hat (25% chance to prevent poison)

  • Complete set bonus: 50% chance to prevent disease

Singular Helmets

Armor - Spelunker Helmet

Spelunker Helmet

Spelunker Helmet

  • Obtainable: Obtainable after completing a specific challenge in Forbidden Chasm
  • Bonus: Reduces lightning damage by 5%

Armor - Top Hat Helmet

Top Hat Helmet

Top Hat Helmet
  • Obtainable: You get this one by completing Forest of Champions
  • Bonus: 5% loot boost

Armor - Booster Helmet

Booster Helmet

Booster Helmet

  • Obtainable: You get this one by adding 10 friends to the game
  • Bonus: 15% speed to energy regenoration

Armor - Retro-Bit Helmet

Retro-Bit Helmet

Retro-Bit Helmet

  • Obtainable: This one was availeble for a short period of time
  • Bonus: none

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